Djinn Joint

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Created by Velvet Wells (Velvet Duke Productions)

Artistically styled with vibrant blues and reds, this profile image transforms Velvet's face into that of a djinn. Photo by Velvet Wells

dJerald the Djinn is the definition of people-pleaser — working around the clock to grant wishes to make others happy. Unfortunately, an impending deadline for a million-wish contract threatens his chance at retiring. Help is only a wish away.

Through humorous songs and storytelling, Djinn Joint explores Velvet’s inner conflict between people-pleasing and erasing the “magical Black man” trope.

Djinn Joint is an all ages, audience interactive adventure in the world of genies, developed and starring Velvet Wells.

Velvet Wells is a Black, autistic, queer velvet-voiced entertainer from Toronto. He wrote and performed “Personal Demon Hunter” at the Toronto Fringe Festival and Victoria Fringe Festival (2019) and “Personal Demon Hunter: Divine and Conquer” as part of Fringelivestream (2020).

Make a wish
Watch it come alive during the show!
Take some memorabilia
(merch) home with you

Primetime Festival

The Primetime Festival features five digital theatrical experiences. The goal of this festival is to provide financial support and a producing platform to Fringe artists who are ready to offer digital, interactive experiences to audiences.

Tickets start at CAD$5 and pay what you can upward from there. There is a CAD$3.50 order fee and you will need to sign up to the the Toronto Fringe Festival site to complete the ticket order request

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