Jennifer Prescott (2023)

I loved my experience with Velvet in vocal coaching for confidence and joy! They gave me just the right exercises to build my skills and help me to feel strong and good about my singing. The exercises got me to think about my singing differently and not to focus so much on hitting “perfect notes,” but to play with my voice (and physicality) as a performer and, simply have fun with it! I highly recommend them for any coaching session—you will feel joy and feel empowered!

ImprovisAsian Festival (2021)

Velvet’s insights and approach to navigating sensitive situations around race, boundaries, and safe spaces were very valuable to us as we tackled those issues during the organization of the ImprovisAsian Festival. He gave us a clearer idea of the approaches we could take when dealing with these issues.

He both empowers you through and grounds you to the truth of the matter at hand. As a fellow person of color, Velvet was supportive and compassionate to our cause and we walked away from our discussion feeling empowered.

Aih Mendoza & Karl Echlause
ImprovisAsian Festival Directors

Nicole Mischler (2021)

My organisation hired Velvet to help us with a conflict situation. Velvet was very helpful in his approach, comprehensively attaining the pertinent details, the desired outcome and helping us to create a plan to achieve the desired outcome.

We consulted with him at different stages of the process and every time he was able to bring our focus to our goals and the best way to create the most equitable outcome for the greatest number of people. He was also supportive and encouraging.

I would recommend any group or organisation looking for an outside consultant to help with conflict management to hire Velvet, he does excellent work.

Chris Mead (2021)

Velvet has a vast wealth of knowledge and lived experience when it comes to issues of equity, outreach and diversity.

But what sets him apart is his ability to foster an atmosphere of care, openness and compassion, whilst never shying away from the difficult truths that need to be faced.

Velvet believes in you and that makes you want to do better and be better. I would recommend Velvet’s services to anyone wishing to grow as an artist and a human being.

Trista Mrema (2021)

Before my conversation with Velvet Wells, I was a swirl of confused feelings and thoughts. I felt very splintered as to what ‘I should do next’.

Throughout the whole conversation Velvet held the space for me in a very meaningful way. He also shared his feelings and experiences which helped enhance the intense connection. Our conversation left me with so much clarity, feeling supported and has caused me to shine a light on my self-worth.

My time with Velvet was extremely valuable and a wonderful testament to uplifting human interaction.

Daa’iyah Hasan (2021)

I attended the Singin’ Saturdays musical improv workshop with Velvet Wells today. Velvet is a fantastic talented and patient instructor who makes you feel safe to step outside of your comfort zone. He explained and taught in detail and demonstrated being a passionate yet gentle instructor. He has a natural passion for musical improv and teaching. I would recommend taking classes with Velvet Wells. I came in feeling nervous and left feeling confident and ready to try musical improv outside of a class room setting. Thank you Velvet for all that you do.

Peter Chiykowski (2021)

I’m so glad I got to work with Velvet Wells on commissioned improv songs featuring The Story Engine Deck. He found such an intuitive way to fit the material into his act where it made sense to do so, but also to give it appropriate focus as a sponsored segment to keep things transparent with his audience. Each performance was dynamic, interesting, unique, and genuine, and I learned more about how my product could be used by both musicians and improvisers through the process. I’m very much looking forward to working with Velvet again!

Kristen McKenzie (2021)

Velvet advised me on tactics to best set up a friend of mine for success as a neurodiverse person looking to become a facilitator. Velvet helped me understand and address the specific needs of this individual. As a result, they are gearing up to teach their first improv class!

Andie Fei (2021)

Mindful Menace class must be experienced by all improvisers

Why? This will take your improv skill to the next level and who wouldn’t want that!

How? It’s a fun fun class that allows you to be a creative menace!!! This course will put your Villain and Hero ability to the next level! Why steer away from you being the best villain? Sometimes the hero’s are the villain in the villain’s story

Things you can definitely explore in this workshop is:

  • how to creatively do villainous’ non violent scenes
  • how to accept defeat
  • how to heighten plots
  • how to have a well blended group scenes
  • understanding that menace has their own story as well
  • attack skill sets
  • and a lot lot more!!!!

Oh and one more thing…

Our class likes it so much that we are waiting for a Mindful Menace 2 🙂

Thanks and more power Velvet Wells and Improv College!!!!

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