Potential Career Paths

When you’re wondering if you can shift your focus from producing at the local bar…

Where can an Independent Comedy Producer go next?

As an independent comedy producer, you accumulate skills and responsibilities that can start them on the road to paid careers in the established arts industry — theatre, television & film. 

Leadership RolesResponsibilities
Artistic Directorputting together the collection of shows, developing show concepts and calendar (format, venue, date, budget, hiring the director/coach)
Directorputting together the talent (who performs in the show, managing their needs) and lifting the show concept off the page
Bookerputting together the guests (openers, hosts, guest appearances, the running order, the cancellations, managing their needs)
Production Managerputting together the off stage talent (tech people and software, costumes, props, managing their needs)
Marketing Managerputting together the marketing strategy (selling the show) and promotional tactics (reminding people to show up, spotlight the show and the talent)
House Managertaking care of the audience (who appreciates talent)
Merchandise Managergetting the merchandise in front of the audience (who wears what)
Financial Manageryou may not be a financial institution but you are often The Wallet (who gets paid)
Velvet Wells, 2021

You could also transfer your skills into office roles in the corporate sector, if you’re looking for work outside the arts industry.

Where are you considering to take your skills?

Published by thedukers

Velvet Duke is a Black autistic queer entertainer from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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