All Request Radio – Audience Care

Noting the content and access solutions for the Ottawa Fringe Festival production of All Request Radio Audience Care (Content) As creator-producer, I actively uphold a pro-Black, pro-trans, pro-queer, and pro-disabled space. My work is anti-racist — and anti- (every other phobic position) weaponized against marginalized people As an improvised show, the audience influences the contentContinue reading “All Request Radio – Audience Care”

Finalist: Emerging IBPOC Artist

The Ottawa Arts Council announced their finalists for the 2023 Emerging IBPOC Artist Award. I’m thankful to be #Seen #Felt #Embraced and while I had a stellar 2022, I didn’t achieve this recognition on my own. I reached out to my friends and colleagues inside and outside the region to share their support. Silvie ChengContinue reading “Finalist: Emerging IBPOC Artist”

Seeking: Live Transcriptionist

“All Request Radio” is in the upcoming Ottawa Fringe Festival (June 15-25). The solo show is musical improv comedy Your Skill Someone with high typing accuracy to live transcribe what I’m saying and singing. The text will be projected in the space as “captions”, an access solution for our dDeaf community members Timing 1 rehearsalContinue reading “Seeking: Live Transcriptionist”