Apology for Silence regarding the Black Improv Alliance

Over the last few months, I’ve earwormed people with “community care”, but I was lovingly called-in to address the impact of my silence regarding my time as a “board member” for Black Improv Alliance (BIA). By remaining silent, I’m culpable for enabling harmful behaviour and a toxic environment. In the name of reduction, I shareContinue reading “Apology for Silence regarding the Black Improv Alliance”

(Re)Tired Magical Black Man – Support Request

(Re)Tired Magical Black ManFundraising Goal: $1,500https://bit.ly/rmbmdonateOttFringe #Fringe #Comedy Allocation:2/3rd: production and accessibility costs1/3rd: donating show tickets to local orgs I’ve received financial support for the creation of (Re)Tired Magical Black Man, but theatre production costs are a separate beast. Even cutting everything back to the barest of bones (no projection for this production, boo!), requiresContinue reading “(Re)Tired Magical Black Man – Support Request”