Velvet Wells, Equity Consultant

Velvet (they/he) is available to consult with you, your organization or theatre

Using a curriculum developed by The Black Pledge Collective, Velvet has led multiple Stratford Festival groups through the development of mindful room agreements.

Expert Panel Appearances

(2021) Learning in Improv (Improv Learning Centre)
(2021) Intersectional Inclusion in Improvisation (UCI Claire Trevor School of the Arts)
(2021) Equitable Pricing Models in Improv (The Nursery Theatre)
(2021) Inspiration for Music in Improv (The Nursery Theatre)
(2021) Neurodiverse discussion in Improv (Edinburgh International Improv Festival)
(2020) Safeguarding & Handling Sensitive Issues (International Improv Station)
(2019) Making Space Taking Space (Black and Funny Improv Festival)

Velvet is available to consult with and train individuals and organizations on difficult conversations, as well as offering moderation services.

Select Testimonials

ImprovisAsian Festival Trista Mrema
Chris MeadNicole Mischler
Kristen McKenzie
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