Workshops with Velvet Wells

Velvet is an agent of empowerment, creating curriculums and delivering improvisation workshops that give people space to develop their competence, consciousness, self-efficacy, and to create positive connections

Community Accountability
We'll create Consent Informed Spaces for each other in these workshops

Upcoming Sessions

With a continued commitment to safe spaces during COVID-19, the following sessions will be offered online, and separately, masked in-person in Ottawa

Workshop Locations

In Person Sessions

The Bronson Centre
211 Bronson Ave. (Ottawa)
Get Directions – Google Map

As an act of community care, due to high COVID-19 levels, all participants must remain masked while attending in-person workshops

Online Sessions – GATHER.TOWN


An online 8-bit interface that allows video and audio engagement (New User FAQ) like Zoom, with an easier way to “breakout” into smaller groups.

Note: The space will be password-protected during sessions; password will be sent out the day before the session

Access Solutions

Access Solution: Live Captioning

Both solutions are machine-generated, automated captioning of speech.

In-person: As requested, I will open a Zoom session with Live Captioning for you to connect by mobile device

Virtual: Gather.Town has a great step-by-step resource to Enable Live Captioning Tools if you’re using a Chrome browser

Explainer: 2023 Tiered Session Fees

As a financial accessibility solution, you set your session payment with no explanation required. The 2023 tiered-fee structure hosted directly by Velvet (other org tiers may vary):
$30 – Comfortable Income (approximately 25% reserved)
$20 – Low-Middle Income
(approximately 50% reserved)
(approximately 25% reserved)
plus a Pay it Forward option (three spots, $30)

Indigenous and Black performers: contact me directly to sign up for free

For example: Silent Partner has a maximum of 20 spots, so there are five spots for each of equity and comfortable income spots; ten spots for low-middle income participants

Tiered fee structure inspired by Improv College; supporting Indigenous and Black performers is something I wrote about in 2021

Previous Workshops

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