(Re)Tired Magical Black Man

Looking Forward

On December 3rd, 2021, Velvet Duke Productions won a spot in the Ottawa Fringe.

On a professional level, (Re)Tired Magical Black Man, will debut my first two- (or three-) hander production. Past productions were primarily solo ventures, making touring easier though lonelier. Like previous productions, the show will include at least one new original song.

On a personal level, this is a momentous opportunity to connect with the live comedy and theatre communities in Ottawa. After isolating (with my partner) for the last two years, I’ve created digital content to connect with global communities, but I haven’t really stepped into the local sphere except by necessity.

I submitted my entry through the Open Doors mentorship program; the program assists marginalized communities join the Ottawa Fringe for the first time. While there is a lot I know (and know how to do), I’m appreciative for their assistance with mentorship, administrative and financial support.

Looking Back

As a family-friendly digital show, engagement was a primary focus for Djinn Joint. The show had messages, some scripted, some shared spontaneously, but the solution to the inner conflict was purposely gamified and fun.

Djinn Joint was a great success for Velvet Duke Productions. With five (5) shows, a preview and a dress rehearsal, the show featured one hundred made up short songs, each one representing a separate wish; the show also had an opening song (and closing redux) and spoken word piece. The show art was featured across media platforms, Velvet was interviewed twice and received multiple excellent reviews. Finally, the show was commissioned by the Toronto Fringe, including assistance with tech — hardware and personnel.

(Re)Tired Magical Black Man
Part of the Djinn Joint universe
from Velvet Wells (Velvet Duke Productions)

Published by thedukers

Velvet Duke is a Black autistic queer entertainer from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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