Inspired by Katy Schutte, as part of Derek Sivers’ /now page movement social phenom

(Updated 4/16/22)

Role: Human Being

Continuous learning, living, and laughing. Updated my pronouns.

Role: Curriculum Developer / Facilitator

I spent the Spring facilitating at the Stratford Festival through Black Pledge Collective. I have more sessions coming in May and June.

I’m continuing to create and facilitate workshops and curriculums for musical and non-musical improv classes at various organizations around the world.

Role: Event Facilitator

I signed a contract with a third management company to facilitate virtual and local in person events. From emcee to support (Zoom, OBS, AirMeet, Microsoft Teams), I love this work.

Role: Writer / Creator

I’ve completed the first draft of (Re)Tired Magical Black Man. The next writing step is to contract a couple of sensitivity reviewers. I will be casting the show at the end of April. This new live stage production will premiere June 2022 at the Ottawa Fringe.

Role: Community Leader

While I’m weaning myself from the site for personal use, my Facebook page (and presence in various groups) is a platform for: a) advocacy across my many intersections, and for those intersections across other communities; and b) creating opportunities for people to perform and learn.

Role: Delegate

I joined Black Pledge Collective as a regional delegate to advocate for the organization. “Our mission is to foster greater inclusion and awareness surrounding the needs of underserved communities in the Arts, especially the Black community.”

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