Inspired by Katy Schutte, as part of Derek Sivers’ /now page movement social phenom (Updated 12/06/22)

Role: Mentor

I’m a Director Mentor for the 2023 Youth Infringement Festival, helping three directors define: their artistic vision, their audition process, and rehearsal feedback

Role: Playwright

“Anansi Discovers His Reflection” received an OAC Recommender Grant for Theatre Creators from Cahoots Theatre. I’ll start researching and first-pass drafting in January

Role: Producer

“(Re)Tired Magical Black Man” is on the waitlist for Edmonton Fringe Festival.

I’m looking into a Bring Your Own Venue for “All Request Radio” at Ottawa Fringe; I’ve contacted a couple of local producers to collaborate in the space

Role: Event Lead

I’m leading in person and virtual events around the world through Teamland

Ongoing: Delegate

Reaffirmed my commitment as a delegate for the Black Pledge Collective

Join me on Discord for casual asynchronous chats, focused presence sessions, and shared wins:

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