The Velvet Duke Productions logo and watermark is a white line drawing of a crown resting on the shoulders of three performers, incorporating their heads as bigger jewels. Below the logo are the words Velvet Duke Productions. All centered on a black background. The crown and performers represent the "I is We" nature of community, and creative energy within the world
Velvet Duke Productions

Velvet Wells is The Velvet Duke

Black. Autistic. Queer. Nonbinary – They/Them

Velvet is the multi-award winning creator of “All Request Radio”, “(Re)Tired Magical Black Man”, and “Djinn Joint”. In 2023, they are the Director-Mentor of the Youth Infringement Festival and Producer Pod Mentor with the Toronto Fringe Festival


A black-background image explainer for the show "All Request Radio" The "All Request Radio" logo -- a microphone, with brown eyes, wearing red headphones -- the show title "All Request Radio" with All/Radio outlined in white with black fill, and Request in white fill Five polaroid-style images (1, 2 slightly askew on top, 3-5 in a row on the bottom) 1. Velvet, a fat Black person of a certain age, passionately sings into the microphone, eyes closed. "Freestyle singing YOUR made up song titles" 2. Velvet looks off to the left side, left hand in an expressive fist. "Hearing the music at the same time you do!" 3. Velvet expansively extends their left hand out to the side while speaking to the audience. "Entertainer in the truest sense" apt613 4. Velvet looks up to the sky while singing. "Light-hearted" The Fulcrum 5. Velvet speaks to the audience through a microphone. Photos: Melody Maloney Photography At the bottom of the image are the words "Playing Your Favourite Made Up songs"

Check out where they are performing (in Ottawa and abroad) as well as notable past performances

“Velvet Wells is an entertainer in the truest sense of the term”

Ryan Pepper, apt613


Multi-award winning professional devised theatre artist

Workshop Facilitator

In addition to performing-producing, they have facilitated for corporations, in community, and at the Stratford Festival and Edinburgh International Improv Festival. An agent of empowerment, leading improvisational workshops to give people space to develop their competence, consciousness, self-efficacy, positive connections

“Velvet’s wonderfully joyful infectious energy stays long after the sessions are done”

Athira Vidyadhar

Velvet Duke Productions

Velvet Duke Productions is an award-winning transmedia hybrid company featuring the work of Velvet Wells — the award-winning Black, autistic, queer, disabled professional devised theatre artist living in Ottawa

  • "All Request Radio encompassed a light-hearted musical style not unlike Bo Burnham’s" Grace Kim-Shin, The Fulcrum
  • Velvet Wells (Ottawa) stands on the balcony of the Ottawa Art Gallery, the city and skyline blurred behind them. Captured by Curtis Perry (2022)

Presenting Sponsor

Velvet Duke Productions was a proud presenting sponsor of the inaugural From Another Mother Improv Festival (F.A.M. Fest) on June 17-18, 2022, Baltimore, Maryland

Wells Written Thoughts (Occasional Blog Updates)

Workshop: Fun Facts

“Staying Playful with Specificity” “We saw the forest for the trees… and still chose your backyard”, a colonizing pileated woodpecker, probably Whether I’m opening an improv scene, playing within the rich references of a genre, or joyfully sharing my latest hyperfocus offstage, the devilish fun can be in the…

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