Silent Partner

I love witty banter, being loquacious, and… unironically, silence.

The idea of a silent partner is someone who supports the business behind the scenes. In improv, supporting our partners — being with our partners instead of rushing to the next thing — is also supporting ourselves in the offers we’ve both made to that point. Giving yourself those two beats of breathing, feeling, connecting to what-just-happened is energizing!

“Silence is a source of great strength.”

Lao Tzu

Performers who already enjoy the slower, more conversational pace in scenes, will shine in this workshop

Finally, we can make things easier for ourselves — reduce the temptation to invent — by accepting the reality we’ve created, including silence. There’s a reason strangers talk about the weather — its one of the least political shared topics one can broach and therefore a way of connecting

I’m looking forward to introducing this workshop to the world — in-person and virtually. I hope you sign up and find your strength as a Silent Partner

Published by thedukers

Velvet Duke is a Black autistic queer entertainer from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

6 thoughts on “Silent Partner

  1. Velvet

    Just stumbled upon this ClaSS oFFerinG & so wish I could sign up…but I m taking a 6 week musical 🎵🎶 ImProv class. (IRL) 👏 so know yoU wiLL aPPreCiate thAt !!

    Hope you oFFer it, aGain.

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      1. Velvet

        I m hesitant to sign up for 1-30 because planning a trip back to Bay Area (moved to Tucson AZ back end of October) and not exactly sure what date (s), I m driving back on.

        But am SigNing on foR 🎶🎶🎵 tra la la “Sing, Anyway”




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