Workshops (VDP Site Update)

Now that I’ve expertly managed writing 2022 2023, it’s time for a site update, starting with the Workshop page!

Winter 2023 appears in the middle of the gradient white snowflake background

The next batch of improv workshops are live on the page:

  • Silent Partner (character development)
  • HEIST Takes Improv series: “The Boardroom” Format & The Protagonist Gets What They Want (genre and character development)
  • Unleash your Shower Swagger! series – Sing Anyway! (anxious and beginner improv singers)

Stay tuned for individual blogs to further explore each workshop

My virtual workshop space (GATHER.TOWN) is ready to go! Peep that ’70s hardwood, the workshop and breakout rooms, the purple and white chair aesthetic, and a stage with sidelines and offstage wings!

Equally exciting, I’ve updated my Consent Informed Spaces page with more explicit accountability measures and a refreshed Boundary and Access Needs form

I’ll post dates for both virtual and in-person workshops by mid-January. I’m confirming availability with a couple of downtown Ottawa venues

Published by thedukers

Velvet Duke is a Black autistic queer entertainer from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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