Workshop: Silent Partner

A narrative improvisational exploration of silence to affect scene pacing and focus. Beyond dramatic stories, we’ll treat silence like another scene partner, as well as sitting in silence with our reactions and interactions. This is a focused, skill drill-down in talking less (or more, if you’re the quiet one) for fuller character conversations

In the two hour session, we will: engage the sounds and silence in our environment; practice giving focus to the quietest character; and play with verbal limitations to focus our emotions and intentions. Especially helpful for working in non-verbal spaces, working online (connections, lag, etc.), and across language confidence

Suitable for: Improvisors with workshop, jam, or stage experience | Duration: 120 minutes | Participants: 20 performers (minimum: 4) | Agenda

Photo: Curtis Perry Photography (IG: @_curtisperry)

“A passionate yet gentle instructor”

“Very grateful to be learning from Velvet”

“Velvet brings such great energy and such a great vibe”

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