Workshop: Silent Partner

A narrative improvisational exploration of silence to affect scene pacing and focus. Beyond dramatic stories, we’ll treat silence like another scene partner, as well as sitting in silence with our reactions and interactions

Especially helpful for working in non-verbal spaces, working online (connections, lag, etc.), and across language confidence. This is a focused, skill drilldown in talking less (or more, if you’re the quiet one) for more fulsome communication

Suitable for: Improvisors with workshop, jam, or stage experience | Duration: 90 minutes | Participants: 20 performers each (in-person and virtual)

Photo: Curtis Perry Photography (IG: @_curtisperry)

“A passionate yet gentle instructor”

“Very grateful to be learning from Velvet”

“Velvet brings such great energy and such a great vibe”

Explainer: 2023 Tiered Session Fees

As a financial accessibility solution, you set your session payment with no explanation required

The 2023 tiered-fee structure:
$30 – Comfortable Income (approximately 25% reserved)
$20 – Low-Middle Income
(approximately 50% reserved)
(approximately 25% reserved)
plus a Pay it Forward option (three spots, $30)

Indigenous and Black performers: contact me directly to sign up for free

Silent Partner has a maximum of 20 spots, so there are five spots for each of equity and comfortable income spots; ten spots for low-middle income participants

Tiered fee structure inspired by Improv College; supporting Indigenous and Black performers is something I wrote about in 2021

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