Consent Informed Spaces

I invite us to hold Consent Informed Space together. We do this to ensure as many of us are able to find joy in this exploration space together.

Specifically, we will 

  • Create Together – We’re actively creating and maintaining an accountable space!
  • Respected We – Our lived experiences and identities are offers we can draw upon
  • Explore Together – we’ll discover new ways to play, new points of view, new ways to express our creative selves
  • Time Out process – acknowledging, appreciating our truths and boundaries, and getting back into exploration
  • Released Together – we’ll bring our joy out into the world

As We Play

  • Say Yes to “Good Trouble” John Lewis” – ideas and adventures that feel good and fun, not ones that put labor on our partners; and
  • Commit to our choices – trusting your intuition, lived experiences and emotions
  • Be mindful of and protect each other’s content boundaries

Hate speech and harassment is prohibited

  • We will not punch down at anyone’s protected identities
  • Hate speech (not limited to racism, ageism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny and misogynoir) is the language of the white extremist and they will not be tolerated
  • Physical, verbal and sexual harassment will not be tolerated

Accountability Measures

While some improvised scenes may touch on these topics, if a pattern of behaviour and attitude appears to emerge, accountability measures will be enacted, starting with being removed from the current workshop without refund or recourse

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