Consent Informed Spaces

You Belong! Whether on stage, in a workshop, in the audience, or behind the scenes You Belong! Your presence and perspective is powerful, and improves the community You Belong! Don’t compare yourself to others’ progress or your own expectations of what you should know or be able to do. Joyfully take your time and space!

As We Explore and Play

  • Say Yes to “Good Trouble” John Lewis – ideas and adventures that challenge the status quo that feel good and fun to explore
  • Engage with your partners and not at them
  • Commit to our choices – trusting your intuition, lived experiences and emotions
  • Be mindful of, and protect, each other’s content boundaries

Content boundaries and Access needs

To help us find joy and make brave choices in our exploration, we’ll create a community agreement — a set of ground rules for engagement while together in the space.

We remove power dynamics from the equation when we each have transparent agency over community accountability. By respecting each other’s boundaries and needs in the moment, we create a Consent Informed Space.

Not everyone will will have content boundaries or access needs. If you do, please fill out this form before attending the workshop:

Accountability Tools

We’re actively creating and maintaining community by being mindfully accountable

  • “Whoa!” – in the moment acknowledgement of a topic approaching a content boundary but to continue with mindfulness. “Whoa!” or indicated non-verbally with a “W” formed by three fingers of the same hand
  • “Move On” – in the moment acknowledgement of a topic approaching a content boundary and to switch topics. “Move on” or indicated non-verbally by rapidly shaking and then thumb out to the side
  • Time Out” process – breaking the moment as needed, so we can stay connected as a community and return to exploration together. “Time out” or indicated non-verbally with the two-handed capital “T” mimed in front of you

Hate speech and harassment is prohibited

Physical, verbal and sexual harassment and hate speech will not be tolerated. Engaging in these behaviours will have removed from the space without refund, and may result in legal action against you

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