Consent Informed Spaces

I invite us to hold Consent Informed Space together. We do this to ensure as many of us are engaged in community accountability and therefore more of us are able to find joy in this exploration space together

Specifically, we will 

  • Create Together – We’re actively creating and maintaining an accountable space!
  • Respected We – Our lived experiences and identities are offers we can draw upon
  • Explore Together – we’ll discover new ways to play, new points of view, new ways to express our creative selves
  • Time Out process – acknowledging, appreciating our truths and boundaries, and getting back into exploration
  • Released Together – we’ll bring our joy out into the world

As We Play

  • Say Yes to “Good Trouble” John Lewis – ideas and adventures that challenge the status quo that feel good and fun to explore
  • Engage with your partners and not at them
  • Commit to our choices – trusting your intuition, lived experiences and emotions
  • Be mindful of, and protect, each other’s content boundaries

Form: Content Boundary Self Check-in

Hate speech and harassment is prohibited

  • We will not punch down at anyone’s protected identities
  • Hate speech (not limited to racism, ageism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny and misogynoir) is the language of the white extremist and they will not be tolerated
  • Physical, verbal and sexual harassment will not be tolerated

Accountability Measures

While some improvised scenes may touch on these topics, if a pattern of behaviour and attitude appears to emerge, accountability measures will be enacted, starting with being removed from the current workshop without refund or recourse

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