The Velvet Duke, Notable Performances

Regale in a sample of past performances from the Velvet Duke


The Primetime Festival (Toronto Fringe)

November 2021: Velvet is creating and performing Djinn Joint, a new, audience interactive digital event, commissioned by the Toronto Fringe

Velvet Duke’s Family Friendly Comedy Concert

September 2021: Hosted and performed three original (improvised) songs as part of the 2021 Virtual Queen West Arts Crawl; Contracted Surer Qaly and Coko & Daphney to join Velvet!

Toronto Fringe Festival & Victoria Fringe Festival

2019: Personal Demon Hunter was critically received; produced, written and performed by Velvet Duke. It spawned the 2020 sequel, Personal Demon Hunter: Divine & Conquer on the FringeLiveStream channel

Podcast Interviews & Appearances

2021 Interviews

Other Guest Appearances

Guest Variety Spots (Solo & Ensemble Improv)


Plan$well digital ad (2018)

Space Channel – Star Trek 50th Anniversary (2016)

Video Game

“A Case of Distrust” video game (2018)

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