The Velvet Duke, Notable Performances

Regale in a sample of past performances from the Velvet Duke

Velvet Duke’s Family Friendly Comedy Concert

Hosted and performed three original (improvised) songs as part of the 2021 Virtual Queen West Arts Crawl; contracted Surer Qaly and Coko & Daphney to join me!

Podcast Interviews & Appearances

2021 Interviews

Other Guest Appearances

Fringe Theatre

Personal Demon Hunter was a critically received 2019 Fringe Festival production, produced, written and performed by Velvet Duke. It spawned a sequel in 2020 called Personal Demon Hunter: Divine & Conquer

Guest Variety Spots (Solo & Ensemble Improv)


Plan$well digital ad (2018)

Space Channel – Star Trek 50th Anniversary (2016)

Video Game

“A Case of Distrust” video game (2018)

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