Personal Demon Hunter

Personal Demon Hunter – Divine & Conquer

Devised and Performed by Velvet Wells (Velvet Duke Productions) for the 2021 Fringelivestream Festival (July 2021).

Missed the live performance of Personal Demon Hunter: Divine & Conquer? You can still view the playback (approximately 85 minutes, starting at the 20 minute mark) and send donations directly to Velvet Wells.

“Velvet Wells (they/he) returns as motivational guru “Velvet Duke” to be your Personal Demon Hunter. Through personal stories of Black Joy, conversations and improvised songs, Velvet is a master at working through the things that haunt us in a funny, accessible, interactive way.”

Accessibility note: This show has some guided and gentle interactive elements. There is one trigger warning: a brief discussion of panic attack in the third story.

Two ticket types were made available: Free for Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, and By Donation for Allies.

Personal Demon Hunter – Origin Story

Devised and Performed by Velvet Wells (Velvet Duke Productions) for the 2019 Fringe Festival (May – July 2019).

Velvet toured Personal Demon Hunter, his first solo production, as part of the 2019 Canadian Fringe Festival circuit. The production was semi-autobiographical, through the filter of motivational guru “Velvet Duke”. It gave Velvet an opportunity to share vulnerable stories centred around mental and emotional health. Personal Demon Hunter was lauded by critics and audiences as especially unique for the safe way it helped audiences engage with the material and share their stories.

Media Quotes for Personal Demon Hunter (2019)

“There was a genuine connection between us as the audience and Velvet, our Personal Demon Hunter.” Mooney on Theatre

“Velvet Wells solo show is vulnerable, empathetic and surprisingly earnest.” NOW Magazine

“Wells is a totally relatable and approachable presence” life with more cowbell

“If inspirational comedy is your cup of kombucha, Velvet Duke may have the cure for what ails us all.” Check the Program

“A chance to experience catharsis, to laugh a little, and to breathe in a place of warmth and openness.” Culture Vulture TV

“The beauty of this show — the reminder that we are not alone” One Big Umbrella

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