All Request Radio

All Request Radio logo on a black background. An old fashioned radio mic is surrounded by All Request Radio at the top, fake radio call letters (CKVD) in red over the microphone, and fake FM frequency underneath (99.5 FM). Under the microphone is the Velvet Duke Productions logo

“All Request Radio” (Velvet Duke Productions) is a comedic, improvised jukebox musical, set at a fictional on-location event for a Black-owned radio station

Join for a live broadcast of CKVD 99.5FM’s popular “All Request Radio” to hear DJ Velvet Painting (Velvet Wells, they/them) countdown the Top 10 playlist of your favourite made up songs!

Each show is different based on randomized music list and your song titles. The DJ shares personal, song, and band trivia; local news, weather, traffic, and the occasional commercial; and sometimes an on-the-spot giveaway contest

As seen Fresh Meat Festival (2022), LuminaTO Late Night Cabaret (2022), and online at Highwire Improv

Fresh Meat Festival

“All Request Radio” joined Fresh Meat for its second weekend (Oct 20-22, 2022) of Ottawa’s Freshest Theatre Festival. Including a projected Top 10 countdown, randomly shuffled soundtrack, and a few dance moves! Check out the music video by Al Connors (19m38). Photos by Melody Maloney Photo (IG: @melaniemaloneyphoto)

“A light-hearted musical style not unlike Bo Burnham’s”

Grace Kim-Shin, The Fulcrum

Media Promo: CKCU FM – MIDWEEK approximately 50 minutes into the program

LuminaTO Festival

An early iteration of ALL REQUEST RADIO (Velvet Duke Productions) joined LuminaTO Festival for its Late Night Cabaret (June 12, 2022). The audience made up song titles and Velvet performed them; Velvet also premiered “Community Care is Peace for Me” from “(Re)Tired Magical Black Man”

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