Maya Jairam (2020)

Aside from being a very talented, multi-hyphenate performer, Velvet is an incredibly generous improviser who creates a warm, welcoming space for improvisers of all stripes and abilities. Hugely compassionate, he also makes improv very accessible and works with improvisers at their level to get into the fun of the game.

I had been told that musical improv was actually very complicated and required mastery of certain things. Enter Velvet – and he 100% disabused me of this idea, making musical improv fun, accessible and also demystified it. He made the marriage of two things I love greatly (musicals and improv) so much more enjoyable and less intimidating. In theory, as well as in practice.

Peter Chiykowski (2020)

Velvet’s Crooner set is an unmitigated joy to start the week with. His improvised music is always funny, joyful, playful, velvet-voiced, inclusively presented, and peppered with thoughtful personal and social commentary! If you haven’t already, drop in for a set. You’ll be glad you did!

Lohith Dev (2020)

Velvet is the one the amazing improv teacher I know… Velvet is fun and knowledgeable person, who’s so friendly and gentle towards their teachings. Velvet gave me a lot of courage and motivation to learn and practice and said that I’m good

Megan Phillips (2020)

I had Velvet on my Anxiety Show online comedy show – a fundraiser for the Distress Centres of the GTA – in July 2020 and he was an absolute delight!! It was an absolute pleasure working with him from start to finish: his professionalism, his promptness, and his creative delivery were absolutely to die for. The crowd loved him, and he was a perfect boost to our show. His voice was beautiful and his comedy music were on point. I highly recommend booking Velvet!

Dr. Chris Alton (2020)

Velvet was consummately professional in his voiceover/narration work on my video. He made sure to ask questions and confirm tone for multiple sections of the script before recording, and also added little beats and jokes which enhanced and enriched the overall production. Velvet’s vocals are warm and inviting; his enunciation and gravitas were authoritative, yet he conveyed the scholarly material in an accessible manner for casual listeners. That he was able to provide finished narration in one take/file, in the middle of pandemic lockdown, speaks to the professionalism and attention to detail he applies to his work. I would be more than happy to have him narrate again, should the opportunity arise for the both of us.

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