Kelly Zemnickis (2021)

I just adore working with Velvet Duke on my online comedy & music show Comedy Quarantini. Velvet brings such great energy and such a great vibe to each performance! And I just adore Velvet period, look forward to working with you again in person, friend!!

Shweta Bhat (2021)

Velvet Wells is an amazing and kind improviser, teacher. I love his musical improv and jams and had the honour of doing a 10min scene with him. He makes improvised singing seem so within the reach of those of us who are intimidated by it. I feel much more confident about playing in scenes and supporting my partner with heart and authenticity, thanks to him!

Athira Vidyadhar (2021)

Velvet Wells is certainly one rockstar of a being. I have had the pleasure of being a part of tuneful Tuesdays and more recently the workshop ‘Just Duet with Velvet and Stephanie’.

His wonderfully joyful infectious energy stays long after the sessions are done. He is a very kind, patient and fun instructor. Every time I watch him or take part in his sessions, I feel like an excited kid 😃 He also ensures that the facilitated space is held gently and makes sure the participants feel safe.

If you are interested in or are curious about musical improv, Velvet is surely one fantastic person to reach out to.

Ashley Cooper (2020)

Velvet delivered more than I was hoping for. When I came up with the idea of having original songs to play while I am away from my Twitch stream, I couldn’t have imagined they would be so fun and catchy that my viewers would actually look forward to hearing them! My chat used to stop dead in its tracks while I was away, but now it’s full of people exclaiming their love for the ear worms Velvet provides.

Amy McKenzie (2020)

I’ve known Velvet Duke as a lovely human longer than I’ve been married. That’s more than 30 years. But I’ve only been in a class taught by him recently. A musical improv class. Where I had to … sing. It was loads of fun, as stress free as a class could be. It built up gently and slowly – so that by the end we were singing in scenes. For both new improvisers and more experienced ones, I think this is a great reminder that making bold choices can be simple and sweat-stain free.

Laxmi Priya (2020)

Velvet is a fine teacher and understands setting a safe environment to learn. as someone who experiences nervous palpitations when she hears musical improv, a Velvet eases the learner with such skill and love that it has to be brilliant facilitatorship at extraordinary level. very grateful to be learning from Velvet. take a class with him- don’t even double guess.

Jennifer Walls (2020)

We loved having Velvet on Singular Sensation Online! a performing arts talkshow. He was inspiration and informative, chatting about musical improv in a way that was so accessible and inviting. He also shared an improvised piece based on an audience suggestion. He is welcome anytime to chat or perform, we loved our time with him!

Kamilah Kamille (2020)

I loved Unleash your Shower Swagger‘s “Start Singing Before You’re Ready” with Velvet. The class was fun, professionally run, featuring a variety of games that had me singing responses to everyone on and offline for weeks 😀.

Another thing I love about this class is… well, VELVET who is a master of solidly leading attendees into the safest of spaces at our own comfort level to explore musical elements in ways we had been anxious about before. 6 out of 5 stars. I highly recommend!

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