Unleash your Shower Swagger

Unleash your Shower Swagger is Velvet Duke’s musical improv workshop series to help you center the joy of singing songs while building your confidence in improvisation. Whether you are used to singing on stage, or just for yourself in the shower, we’ll embrace and unleash your “Shower Swagger” so you can prioritize fun over perfection.

2021 COVID-19 considerations: This series is conducted online. You will need the ability to connect to updated Zoom software and use a computer microphone and headphones.

Participation is expected in each session but your comfort will still be respected.
Where a musical director is unavailable, we’ll use musical backing tracks.

Start Singing Before You’re Ready

Level: Anxious or beginning improvisors | Duration: 2 hours

In this introductory workshop, Velvet will patiently guide you past anxiety and uncertainty, so you can give voice to your Shower Swagger. Sharing mirroring, timing and vocalizing tactics, Velvet will teach you tools to help you be part of the musical moment, even if you think you’re not ready to sing

Singing with Attitude

Level: Everyone | Duration: 2 hours

Musical improv is the easiest way to practice embracing and unleashing your Shower Swagger in every other improv form. You’ll learn when to say yes to musical offers (and yourself), how to share focus between singers (even on Zoom!) and then we’ll make up songs from shared and different perspectives.

Singing at the Top of Your Emotion

Level: Intermediate | Duration: 2 hours

What do you do when you’re in a connecting (or disconnecting) moment with your scene partner, and feelings well up? Velvet will share tactics to help you use strong emotions as the foundation for your song. You’ll lean into your Shower Swagger as you explore nuanced emotions in your verses and add layers to your duets by exchanging emotions with your partners

Singing to the Chorus!

Level: Advanced | Duration: 2.5 hours

The chorus is the heart of the song, catchy and repeatable. This workshop will focus on solo improvised songs, personalizing any suggestion into a great chorus that gives you and your group greater leverage in your improvised verses

Swinging on Bridges!

Level: Advanced | Duration: 2.5 hours

You’re comfortable improvising verses and you know how to come up with a great hook for your chorus. This workshop will add a bridge to solo improvised songs as a new choice to explore, a palate cleanse from what went before, and as a way to stay invested in your improvised creation

Sensational Songs from the Void

Level: Advanced | Duration: 2.5 hours

You’re on the backline of a show when suddenly you are gifted the Zoom spotlight to create a hit song. But you didn’t hear the suggestion, or there wasn’t a suggestion, and the music is playing and… what comes next? This workshop will deconstruct the Tony Moment game as a way to create improvised solo songs.

Love songs and other Sweet Nuthins

Level: Advanced | Duration: 2.5 hours

Infuse sweet nuthins into your lyrics, even as you’re singing about something you hate. You will explore singing with specificity and simile to serenade your audience

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