Andie Fei (2021)

Mindful Menace class must be experienced by all improvisers

Why? This will take your improv skill to the next level and who wouldn’t want that!

How? It’s a fun fun class that allows you to be a creative menace!!! This course will put your Villain and Hero ability to the next level! Why steer away from you being the best villain? Sometimes the hero’s are the villain in the villain’s story

Things you can definitely explore in this workshop is:

  • how to creatively do villainous’ non violent scenes
  • how to accept defeat
  • how to heighten plots
  • how to have a well blended group scenes
  • understanding that menace has their own story as well
  • attack skill sets
  • and a lot lot more!!!!

Oh and one more thing…

Our class likes it so much that we are waiting for a Mindful Menace 2 🙂

Thanks and more power Velvet Wells and Improv College!!!!

Published by thedukers

Velvet Duke is a Black autistic queer entertainer from Toronto, Ontario, Canada