All Request Radio – Audience Care

Noting the content and access solutions for the Ottawa Fringe Festival production of All Request Radio

Audience Care (Content)

As creator-producer, I actively uphold a pro-Black, pro-trans, pro-queer, and pro-disabled space. My work is anti-racist — and anti- (every other phobic position) weaponized against marginalized people

As an improvised show, the audience influences the content and the PG-13 show rating as much as I can as the performer

Additionally, because it is improvisation, neither you nor I will know if specific content becomes triggering. Please take care of yourself in the moment

If a suggestion is unruly, I will address it immediately. If the person who suggested it creates further disruption, they will be removed immediately, as per Ottawa Fringe Festival policies and processes

Audience Care (Access Solutions)

This show has a lot of talking and singing. The singing is amplified through the speakers accompanied by backing music

While the volume won’t be concert level, noise-cancelling headphones are encouraged if you are concerned about becoming over-stimulated

Velvet will verbally include some audio descriptions for Blind patrons, describing the performer description, stage movement, and the projected text

Performances will be ASL/English Interpreted (Katherine A. Sibun, primarily) and machine automated captioning

COVID-19 is still rampant in Ottawa. Therefore masks are required in the audience for this production

A black-background image for the show "All Request Radio". Title font "All Request Radio" with All/Radio outlined in white with black fill, and Request in white fill. The "All Request Radio" logo -- a microphone, with brown eyes, wearing red headphones Under the title, in white font, Playing Your Favourite Made Up Songs Velvet, a fat Black person of a certain age, expansively extends their left hand out to the side while speaking to the audience through a microphone Across the middle of Velvet, in white font on a rounded black background, Ottawa Fringe June 15-25, 2023 Logos: Ottawa Fringe, City of Ottawa, Velvet Duke Productions Photo: Melody Maloney Photography
All Request Radio, coming to Ottawa Fringe Festival

Published by thedukers

Velvet Duke is a Black autistic queer entertainer from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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