(Re)Tired Magical Black Man – Halifax Fringe Festival

August 18 (Ottawa)

From September 2-11, (Re)Tired Magical Black Man is joining the 32nd Halifax Fringe Festival. If you’re in the Atlantic Canada region, you have eight opportunities to join this magical caper to steal World Peace.

(Re)Tired Magical Black Man takes you on a 50-minute magical caper. With help from their puppet friends, and maybe even you, dJerald the Djinn unretires to fulfill an impossible wish — Stealing World Peace from the oligarchs!

Velvet Duke Productions

Visit the dedicated show page for show schedule, accessibility statement, ticket and program links for this award-winning, satirical, self-reflective solo-ensemble comedy from Velvet Duke Productions.

Published by thedukers

Velvet Duke is a Black autistic queer entertainer from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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