The Velvet Duke, Musician

Commissioned Music

The Velvet Duke is a mouth music maestro — creating earworm worthy a capella songs with vocals and loop station

Ashley VS (Lyrics & Music: The Velvet Duke)

Ashley Cooper commissioned The Velvet Duke to create music for Ashley VS, her Twitch channel. The songs were produced using the Boss RC-202 Loop Station and Reaper Digital Audio Workstation and output as WAV files. (Testimonial)

(2021) Request: three 1-2 minute danceable songs: Jump Scare, Endgame Dance, Get Up Ashley

(2020) Request: three 90-second bumper songs — songs for breaks during live game plays: Distraction (lyrics); Stretching (lyrics); Where’s Ashley (lyrics)

Peter Chiykowski (Lyricist: The Velvet Duke)

(2021) Peter Chiykowski commissioned The Velvet Duke to create four improvised songs using The Story Engine. I was given access to: the Story Engine, Expansion and Booster decks to produce the songs (Testimonial)

These songs were published to YouTube: Prophet Want, Protestor, Time to Dye, No Well Wishes

OverDude (Lyricist: The Velvet Duke, Musician: Al Val)

(2020) OverDude (Al Val and The Velvet Duke) released “Hell Toupee“, an album of improvised rock-n-roll songs performed live in 2019 concerts. Al created the guitar tracks, Velvet created the lyrics

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