Workshop: The Protagonist Gets What They Want

Beyond point of view, discovering your character’s wants and goals can help create scenes navigate memorable moments without stalling or losing track of the narrative. Other performers are going to help or hinder along the way. But who is the protagonist, and will they like what they said they wanted?

Especially helpful for creating characters with fortitude without having to be the most extroverted performer on stage. Part of the HEIST Takes Improv series

Suitable for: Improvisors with experience creating and performing characters | Duration: 90 minutes | Participants: 20 performers each (in-person and virtual)

Photo: Melody Maloney Photo (IG: @melodymaloneyphoto)

“Velvet Wells is an amazing and kind improviser, teacher”

“Velvet is a fine teacher and understands setting a safe environment to learn”

“Velvet makes improv very accessible and works with improvisers at their level to get into the fun”

Explainer: 2023 Tiered Session Fees

As a financial accessibility solution, you set your session payment with no explanation required

The 2023 tiered-fee structure:
$30 – Comfortable Income (approximately 25% reserved)
$20 – Low-Middle Income (approximately 50% reserved)
$10Equity (approximately 25% reserved)
plus a Pay it Forward option (three spots, $30)

Indigenous and Black performers: contact me directly to sign up for free

The Protagonist Gets What They Want has a maximum of 20 spots, so there are five spots for each of equity and comfortable income spots; ten spots for low-middle income participants

Tiered fee structure inspired by Improv College; supporting Indigenous and Black performers is something I wrote about in 2021

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