Workshop: Fun Facts

“Staying Playful with Specificity”

Playfully deepen your connection to your scene partner, your character, and the reality you create together

In this two hour workshop, you’ll practice making (and building upon) specific choices to ground your scenes. Using dramatic and improv games, we’ll atomically and playfully build characters and their worlds. We’ll then get into narrative longform improvisation to create stories beyond the montage format

Note: Workshop participation grants you free access to the All-Play Jam

Improvisors with experience creating made up characters on the spot | Duration: 120 minutes | Participants: 25 performers | Agenda

Photo: Curtis Perry Photography (IG: @_curtisperry)

“A passionate yet gentle instructor”

“Very grateful to be learning from Velvet”

“Velvet brings such great energy and such a great vibe”

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