The Velvet Duke, Entertainer

“Velvet brings such great energy and such a great vibe to each performance!”

Kelly Zemnickis

Velvet Wells (they/he) is The Velvet Duke. Internationally beloved, Velvet is the co-founder of three active groups: “The Dandies”, “OverDude”, and “All Request Radio”, and a member of the Black Improv Alliance. He is enthralled with musical and fandom improv and can teach you to feel the same way

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Pearl Essence: Virtual Set With Velvet

23 performers joined Velvet in celebrating three decades as an improvisor! The resulting playlist has over 8 hours of content – games, scenes and conversations.

On demand two person improv shows
produced by Velvet Duke


The Velvet Duke improvises in a duo set with performers from the Global Majority, the marginalized-by-colonialism, the previously Other’d — regardless of where they live around the world, and then they have a conversation

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The Velvet Duke improvises with you in a duo set, based on a word-based improv game (that you pick) and then they have a conversation.

( Playlist | Book your set today )

Virtual musical improv shows
created and produced by The Velvet Duke

All Request Radio – WBIA 99.5 FM

Beaming #BlackExcellence around the world

The Velvet Duke and his guest DJs play (sing) your favourite made up songs, and share breaking Black news, weather and local traffic. Listen for us on the 3rd Friday each month through Highwire Improv (YouTube)

Next show: TBD

By Donation | Past Episodes

Part of Black Improv Alliance #BlackJoy Fridays with Maryland Improv Collective & Highwire Improv

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