The Velvet Duke, Entertainer

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“Velvet brings such great energy and such a great vibe to each performance!”

Kelly Zemnickis

Velvet Wells (they/them) is The Velvet Duke. Internationally beloved, Velvet is the co-founder of two comedy troupes: “The Dandies”, “Overdude”, and creator of “All Request Radio”.

Fresh Meat 11 Festival poster (yellow background for title and illustrations, blue background for show titles) Ottawa's Freshest Theatre Festival October 13-22, 2022 Arts Court Studio, 2 Daly Ave Illustrations of the ten shows listed on the right-hand side: "Always Because: The Adventures of Maggie & Meghan" "Melonga Night" "The Self" "Y2Gayyyy" "Forever27" "S.C.H.O.O.L." "All Request Radio" "The City Aquarium is proud to present: The Marvelous Mermaids of Merriment" "Kimiko" "Ravemoms"

All Request Radio

Fresh Meat Festival
October 20-22, 2022

DJ Velvet Painting improvises songs based on made up audience song titles. Each show will have a different theme!

Visit Fresh Meat 11 for tickets and schedule

Learn more about the All Request Radio format

All Request Radio logo on a black background. An old fashioned radio mic is surrounded by All Request Radio at the top, fake radio call letters (CKVD) in red over the microphone, and fake FM frequency underneath (99.5 FM). Under the microphone is the Velvet Duke Productions logo

Pearl Essence: Virtual Set With Velvet

23 performers joined Velvet in celebrating three decades as an improvisor! The resulting playlist has over 8 hours of content – games, scenes and conversations.

On demand two person improv shows
produced by Velvet Duke


The Velvet Duke improvises in a duo set with performers from the Global Majority, the marginalized-by-colonialism, the previously Other’d — regardless of where they live around the world, and then they have a conversation

( Playlist | Book your set today )


The Velvet Duke improvises with you in a duo set, based on a word-based improv game (that you pick) and then they have a conversation.

( Playlist | Book your set today )

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