Workshop: Sing Anyway!

In this introductory musical improvisational workshop, Velvet will patiently guide you past anxiety and uncertainty, so you can give voice to your Shower Swagger.

We’ll start with Listening & Trusting then move into Group Warm Ups. We’ll feel the Tempo of songs, our Timing to join in or being okay with Silence. We’ll enjoy Group Agreement in our Choruses, express Points of View in our verses, and end with a musical Jam to bring it all together. Part of the Unleash your Shower Swagger! series

Suitable for: Anxious singers, people new to musical improvisation, or its been a gosh long while since you performed a musical song | Duration: 90 minutes | Participants: 12 performers each (in-person and virtual)

Photo: Melody Maloney Photo (IG: @melodymaloneyphoto)

“If you are interested in or are curious about musical improv, Velvet is surely one fantastic person to reach out to”

“Velvet is a fantastic talented and patient instructor who makes you feel safe to step outside of your comfort zone”

“A masterful welcoming safe creative space, well structured and insightful from the start to the end”

Explainer: 2023 Tiered Session Fees

As a financial accessibility solution, you set your session payment with no explanation required

The 2023 tiered-fee structure:
$30 – Comfortable Income (approximately 25% reserved)
$20 – Low-Middle Income
(approximately 50% reserved)
(approximately 25% reserved)
plus a Pay it Forward option (three spots, $30)

Indigenous and Black performers: contact me directly to sign up for free

Sing Anyway! has a maximum of 12 spots, so there are three spots for each of equity and comfortable income spots; six spots for low-middle income participants

Tiered fee structure inspired by Improv College; supporting Indigenous and Black performers is something I wrote about in 2021

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