(Re)Tired Magical Black Man – Casting Call (CLOSED)

IN PERSON 2022 Ottawa Fringe


(Re)Tired Magical Black Man” is a new (2022) 60-minute devised comedy. The scripted show falls within the caper subgenre, featuring the interplay between people and puppets, a couple of original songs, and brief moments of consent-minded, lightly improvised direct audience engagement.

Image description:

Artistic portrait of Velvet's face in blues and tan. One eye has an outline of the African continent, the other has a peace symbol
Image description: Artistic portrait of Velvet’s face in blues and tan. One eye has an outline of the African continent, the other has a peace symbol. Photo/design: Velvet Wells

Audition Date (Update: April 28, 2022)

The Casting Call is closed. Thank you for your interest.

Everyone: come prepared with a humorous monologue.
Asase: Also come prepared to sing a verse and chorus from a song you like to sing.


We will proceed, with an abundance of continued caution, as an in-person production at the 2022 Ottawa Fringe Festival.

Everyone involved in the production will be required to show proof of vaccination (at least two shots) and agrees to wear masks and adhering to any other COVID-19 protocols as determined necessary within the spaces where we work; with the option of meeting virtually as needed. When we move to the performance spaces, we will follow the COVID-19 protocols established by the Festival.

Access Needs

Velvet is a text / experiential learner AND they are hard of hearing and hard of seeing.

We are coordinating to have ASL interpretation for the entire performance run of (Re)Tired Magical Black Man. Also looking to contract for Described Audio if possible. Based on casting, these access needs will come into the rehearsal process as well.

If you feel comfortable sharing your access needs, please do so in the form.


Performers will play multiple roles with character stage time in brackets, e.g., 100%. The primary role is listed in bold font; all secondary roles are puppets. The ensemble will contribute to the finger puppet cameo scene.

To Be Cast

Asase (ah’sah’say) (63%): Secondary Protagonist. Accomplished Black woman (community minded advocate, lawyer, biologist) working to save her communities. Comfortable singing. Age range: 18-100

Lt. Governor (puppet CAMEO) (6%): Tertiary Protagonist. Rich, old, colonial figurehead 

Lt. Baddy (Lou’ten’ant Bad’ee) (puppet) (44%): Secondary Antagonist. CIO-Henchman at DBLSPC; a real YES puppet. Previous experience puppeteering preferred, open to casting across all communities. Age range: 18-100

Judge Judgy (puppet) (6%): Tertiary Protagonist. Judicious, loves their own jokes

Clark the Oligarch (klark the oly’gahrk) (38%): Antagonist. Brilliant megalomaniac, CEO of DBLSPC. Open to casting across all communities. Age range: 30-100

Premier Profit (puppet) (6%): Tertiary Antagonist. Second rate political puppet

Shared: CAMEO finger puppets (6%): Tertiary Protagonist. Bats, birds, Fluffy the Dog


dJerald (zhair’ald), Velvet Wells (75%): Protagonist. Newly retired Djinn; gregarious and generous and still unlearning colonial thinking. Comfortable singing and direct audience engagement.

Chawn (chawen) (puppet) (56%): Secondary Protagonist. Accomplished hacker and popular social media influencer

DBLSPC (duh’bull’spayce) (recorded V.O. CAMEO) (6%): Tertiary Protagonist. Sentient AI

Bailiff (bay-lif) (recorded V.O. CAMEO) (6%): Tertiary Protagonist. Court emcee


The technical rehearsal and all performances will occur at
Studio 1201 (10 Daly Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K1N 6E2) (MAP)

Time Boundaries


Availability between May 14 – June 13 — to read, block and rehearse scenes.

Sessions: Aiming for weekends, full cast and character blocked – schedule TBD based on cast availability

Technical Rehearsal

Tuesday, June 14 at 9:15am-12:15pm in the performance space

Ottawa Fringe Festival Preview Night

Wednesday, June 15 (time TBD); location TBD

Festival Performance Dates (June 2022)

(Re)Tired Magical Black Man will have six (6) evening (PM) performances as part of the Ottawa Fringe Festival

Sat 18Mon 20Tue 21Thu 23Fri 24Sat 25

Profit Model (DRAFT)

The show is non-equity and volunteer. We will have a seven party profit-share from the performances. This amount will be sent by PayPal or electronic transfer within two business days of the Ottawa Fringe Festival disburses funds to the producer (Velvet Duke Productions).

The parties involved in this arrangement: stage management, four performers, and producer (/writer/publicity/everything else); the seventh portion will go toward the effort of undertaking on site publicity (e.g., flyering lines) during the Festival.

The producer will be donating their revenue from one performance (date TBD) to Ottawa Black Diaspora Collective. Other parties in this arrangement are not required to donate their portions.

Pre-production costs will be covered by the producer and crowdsource fundraising.

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