Personal Demon Hunter Patron Reviews

Personal Demon Hunter Toronto Patron Reviews

“Caught Velvet Duke in the lovely show Personal Demon Hunter at Imperial Pub. 50 minutes of “conscious vulnerability” with VW’s warm personality on full display, working through the things that haunt us in a funny, accessible, interactive way.” Ryan H.

“Full of heart and energy, Velvet Duke is a tour de force.” Holly W.

“Site specific theatre is the best. Congrats Velvet Duke! Heart rock on! If you’re looking for an inclusive, compassionate and funny one-man show, check him out!” Miroki T.

“Personal Demon Hunter: Funny, warm, and personal one-man show from Velvet Duke” Elizabeth M.

“Velvet Duke’s show is just lovely! Stories, songs, improv, personal vulnerability…what more could you ask for? Go see Personal Demon Hunter” Ilana L.

“Personal Demon Hunter – Velvet Duke is such a charming performer, with a commitment to the moment that I honestly envy. The musical q&a especially had the audience LOLing” Grace S.

“Personal Demon Hunter is so good. Velvet Wells proves once again why he is such an open, inviting and talented performer. He is a must see!” Geoff M.

“PERSONAL DEMON HUNTER introduces a self-help guru at the back of the Imperial Pub. The motivational speech involves a hefty amount of audience participation, and Velvet Duke conducts the show smoothly” Tim P.

“Personal Demon Hunter was a wonderful kick in the personal feels. Velvet Wells is so warm, and compassionate, and it’s a great performance complete with a safe space.” Chae A.

“Personal Demon Hunter by Velvet Wells was as open, genuine and entertaining as I had hoped.” Chris H.

“Velvet Duke’s autobiographical solo show “Personal Demon Hunter” is a MUST SEE!!!” QAPD Collective

“A few days ago I had the pleasure of catching Personal Demon Hunter, and it was absolutely a Fringe show not to be missed. It is perfectly, authentically, 100 % Velvet Duke. I laughed and I was introspective and I just appreciated the whole experience. ” Bee B.

“A thoughtful exploration of the angels and devils that drive us, with snappy patter, catchy tunes, and non-weird, totally consensual audience participation. And also? There’s a discount if you bring your personal demon. You and your demon should go see it!” – Mandy W.

“I attended the Personal Demon Hunter – Toronto Fringe Festival workshop this past weekend!! It really struck a cord with me. I recently started going to therapy, after years of refusing to get help. When Velvet Wells was talking about anxieties of PAST RULES, it really made me think of my own past rule demons that haunt me still. There’s so many Thank you for being so open and honest about your own anxieties to share your workshop to the world! I wish I attended sooner!!” Jin L.

“Personal Demon Hunter was absolutely incredible, raw and moving!! I laughed, cried, and felt things I never had before! Velvet does an amazing job of bringing the audience on a journey and not only that, he helps to start the healing process for some as well!” Sarah A.

“Got to see Velvet this week in his one person Fringe show “Personal Demon Hunter” and thoroughly enjoyed it – I laughed, I sang along, and even got a tear in my eye. ” Robert W.

“It was a lovely show with real emotional impact, gentle humour, and fun songs” Vale W.

“I came to show not knowing what to expect. Velvet Duke exposes his life with such honesty. He reminds us we are not alone in our suffering and that happiness, love and a peaceful heart is within our grasp. I am enough.” Stephanie T.

“I had the honour of viewing a preview of Personal Demon Hunter… it is a very natural and genuine show, with insight through personal experiences. You will laugh, you will cry, you’ll run the gamut of emotions, but mostly you will love this show, and hopefully learn something about yourself, and your fellow humans as well. I highly recommend this interactive musical cabaret of humanity and compassion, and invite you to take the PATH towards becoming your own Personal Demon Hunter” Sabrina S.

“Velvet is such a warm and captivating performer. He brings you in close, makes you feel all the feels and then gives you chills with his beautiful singing voice” Kelly S.

“I went it’s really good and I hate everything but not this” Desirée W.

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