Inspired by Katy Schutte, as part of Derek Sivers’ /now page movement social phenom

Role: Writer / Creator

Preparing the content for Djinn Joint (Primetime Festival 2021) for a late October / November release. I am working with a production team to actualize my technical design concepts in Also, preparing to perform: acting, storytelling, singing, and audience engaging

Role: Producer / Improvisor

All Request Radio is a monthly digital musical comedy show streamed through Black Improv Alliance and Highwire Improv. Rotating cast of Black musical improvisors join Velvet Duke in the radio “DJ booth” to sing audience song requests

Role: Facilitator

Virtually, I teach musical and non-musical improv classes at various organizations around the world. My classes are on hiatus while I work up Djinn Joint content

Role: Director of Operations

I originated the role of Director of Operations with the Black Improv Alliance, helping with event and process management both on screen and behind the scenes.

Role: Community Leader

I use my Facebook page (and presence in various groups) as platforms: a) to advocate across my many intersections, and for those intersections across other communities; and b) to create opportunities for people to perform and learn

Role: Human Being

Continuous learning, living, and laughing

(Updated 27/09/21)

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