Mindful Menace for Deferential People

About Mindful Menace

Velvet will help experienced improvisational performers access antagonism as a positive tool within longform improvisation.

By the end of the course, you will have tools to improvise nuanced and engaging narrative moments through discovery and exploration of the Protagonist’s wants. 

Ideal Student

Experienced performers who tend to rescue scenes from danger (resolve, fast forward, cut away), watch others have fun scenes, or spend more time letting others shine, this workshop will help you discover the fun within your antagonistic side. It will also help you become more nuanced protagonists

Mindful Menace Intensive

In the two hour intensive, we, the nicest, kindest, most people-pleasing-est improvisers, are gathered today to explore the antagonistic side of narrative, while staying grounded in consent and boundary mindfulness. 


  1. Expressing and Frustrating “the Want”
  2. Finding your level of antagonism
  3. Playing to win and still losing

Participants and the facilitator will actively create a Consent Informed Space while exploring within this intensive.

Mindful Menace Course

Like the intensive session, over four weeks, we’ll explore Protagonist wants, and playing to win, while spending more play time with each type of menace.

Menace Complexity (easiest to most difficult to disengage)

  1. Instant (Cameos)
  2. Irritants (Minor characters)
  3. Competitive (Major characters)
  4. Superior (Boss moves here!)

Mindful Menace Jam

The “Dark n Stormy” jam is open to any performer who attended one of the Mindful Menace sessions. These sessions can help sustain and further explore the workshop concepts

Monthly sessions are run with no financial barriers (Pay What You Will accepted by PayPal)


“Mindful Menace class must be experienced by all improvisers”

Andi Fei (4 week course)

After a 2 hour Mindful Menace workshop with the incomparable The Velvet Duke, our hearts are full and our minds are mischievous. We cannot recommend working with Velvet highly enough.

Tiny Dinos (2 hour intensive)
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