The History of “All Request Radio”

Sampler: Highwire Improv (Season 10, 2023)

DJ Velvet Painting (The Velvet Duke, they/them) shared the Top 5 songs online through Highwire Improv (YouTube) in February and March

BETA: Fresh Meat Festival (2022)

A beta version of “All Request Radio” debuted at Fresh Meat Festival (October 2022). The show included a projection of the automated Top 10 countdown and randomly shuffled soundtrack; a few dance moves made their debut too!

Fresh Meat Festival video by Al Connors (full 19m38 available depending on need). Photos by Melody Maloney Photo; graphics by Velvet Wells excepting the festival poster

Media Promo: CKCU FM – MIDWEEK approximately 50 minutes into the program

Alpha: LuminaTO Festival (2022)

An early iteration of ALL REQUEST RADIO (Velvet Duke Productions) joined LuminaTO Festival for its Late Night Cabaret (June 12, 2022). The audience made up song titles and Velvet performed them; Velvet also premiered “Community Care is Peace for Me” from “(Re)Tired Magical Black Man”

Nascent: Crooner, All Request Radio, Crushin It

Velvet Duke - Mirrored Emotion
Velvet Duke – Mirrored Emotion

Born out of the desire to continue performing through the pandemic, Velvet experimented with digital shows. Crooner was a solo project — an album centered around a theme and song titles aligning to it. All Request Radio and Crushin It were east coast and west coast Black ensemble versions of the show, streaming through Highwire Improv (YouTube) and Pack Theater (Twitch) featuring a rotating cast

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